Parent Guidance Counseling

Many challenges arise in being the parent of a preschool age child. With an overload of information and pressures from so many sources, it is often hard to be guided by one’s own intuition and common sense.
When difficulties arise at home or in school, it can be helpful to seek support and guidance. With extensive experience as a nursery school teacher, psychotherapist, and school consultant, Joan offers parents empathy, insight into their child’s behavior and effective strategies to help meet the needs of their child, family and school.

Services Provided:
• Private and confidential consultations
• Child observation at school or at home
• Consultation with teachers
• Consultation with other specialists
• If necessary, guiding parents through the process of having their child evaluated either through the Department of Education or private referral to specialists in speech/language therapy, play therapy, occupational therapy.

Issues that Joan consults about include:
• Sleep
• Toilet training
• Power struggles
• Anxiety
• Separation anxiety
• Attention difficulties
• Tantrums
• Fears and phobias
• Setting limits and engaging your child’s cooperation
• Aggression towards other children
• Sibling rivalry
• Adjustment to: a new baby, starting school, changing schools, moving to a new home
• Successfully implementing daily routines
• Food issues
• Effective praise
• Divorce
• Parent or child illness
• Loss and trauma
• Developmental delays

Often, it is possible to help a child get back on track just by working with the parents. When the right adjustments are made in parenting, young children are immediately responsive.
However, there are times when a child can benefit from play therapy. If, after consulting with a child’s parents and observing the child, Joan believes that play therapy is indicated, she will recommend a trusted colleague to work with the child.

Joan Cade, MS, LP, NCPsyA

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