In her private psychotherapy practice, Joan has extensive experience working with adults on a wide range of issues including: relationships, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, defining life goals, work satisfaction, creative self-expression, self-esteem, stress-related physical symptoms, and parenting.

For the treatment of depression and anxiety, Joan believes the benefits of talk therapy can be augmented by incorporating healthy practices such as sufficient sleep, aerobic exercise, breathing techniques, and good nutrition into one’s daily life.  Joan provides resources and guidance to her patients to support them in implementing these practices.

Joan’s office is located on the Upper East Side and she offers morning, afternoon and evening hours, Monday-Friday.  To schedule an appointment, call 212-722-6499 or email [email protected]

Joan Cade, MS, LP, NCPsyA

23 East 93rd Street
New York, NY 10128

[email protected]